Access Ministries: Scope and Sequence

Make an informed choice about your child’s participation in Religious Instruction in school.

Do the Religious Instruction providers at your child’s school use an Access Ministries program?  The link below is to a pdf document that outlines the ‘Scope and Sequence’ of the program.

Access Ministries: Green Series, 2010.

For more information about Access Ministries’ Religious Instructions, read the report produced by the Department of Education and Training in February 2017:

Report on the Review of ACCESS Ministries’ Religious Instruction Materials, February 2017.


GodSpace: Themes, Overview and Aims

Make an informed decision about your child’s participation in Religious Instruction.

Are the Religious Instruction providers at your school using GodSpace?  The link below connects you to a pdf document that outlines the ‘Themes, Overview and Aims’ of the ‘Purple 2017’ edition of Godspace.

Godspace: Purple Edition, 2017.

For more information about the GodSpace program, read the report produced by the Department of Education and Training in March, 2017:

Report on the Review of GodSpace Religious Instruction Materials


Connect Reviewers: Comments and Concerns

If you have read the Connect review, you will know that the reviewers were described as-
‘A mix of staff with substantial knowledge and experience in teaching, curriculum development, government policy and administration, and departmental policies and procedures including in the areas of RI, student wellbeing, inclusive education, and safe and supportive school communities undertook the review with oversight by an Executive Director.
The reviewers held qualifications in primary and secondary teaching, psychology, social sciences and governance and public policy.’

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‘Connect’ Religious Instruction materials: Aims and Outcomes

Parents around the state are often told to refer to the websites for different Religious Instruction (RI) materials to obtain the information they need in order to make an informed choice about their child’s participation in RI.

We put out a challenge to parents to see if they could find the lesson aims and outcomes for the ‘Connect’ Religious Instruction materials on Christian Education Publication’s website.

The vast majority couldn’t and only those who actually registered with an email address could eventually access them.

The Connect’s lesson aims and outcomes are buried so deeply within the website that it is almost impossible to find them.

We think parents should be able to make an informed choice about whether their child participates in RI.

So we have put them here – for all parents to see:

A1 Infants – Aims and Outcomes

Retrieved from on 7 February, 2017

A1 Lower Primary – Aims and Outcomes

Retrieved from on 7 February, 2017

A1 Upper Primary – Aims and Outcomes

Retrieved from on 7 February, 2017

**We should point out that the Aims and Outcomes published on CEP’s website are not actually up to date.  There have been some minor changes to the wording in the 2017 Revised edition and it would appear that CEP is currently publishing an older version.  Since the overall aims and outcomes are largely unaffected by these changes, we are republishing them as they appear on the CEP website.**

Law and Religious Instruction Policy No Barrier to RI Providers

The following newsletter, dated 12 April 2016, was downloaded from this page. Until recently, it was downloadable from the link titled ‘RI in schools.docx’. We downloaded it ourselves on 10 September 2016.

The newsletter is attributed to Fiona Cran, a member of the Religious Instruction Quality Assurance (RIQA) Task Group – the people who are supposed to ‘oversee the quality of RI’.

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Media Release: State School Parents left in the dark

As students return to school this week, parents are still in the dark about the contents of the controversial Religious Instruction program delivered in Queensland Government State Schools.

One of the recommendations resulting from the Education department’s own 2016 review of ‘Connect’ Religious Instruction materials was that parents be given more detail about program contents to enable them to make an informed choice about whether their children participate in the program.

Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools, a grassroots parent organisation that has been advocating for the change, says they have seen little to indicate the Department is seriously addressing the recommendation.

Spokesperson for QPSSS, Alison Courtice, says little to no information is provided to parents by schools at the time that they are asked to indicate whether they wish for their child to participate in the class and it seems that nothing much has changed for 2017. “Parents are shocked to later discover their child has been exposed to content that has a strong ‘sin and salvation’ message,” she said.

“Parents deserve to be able to make an informed choice about their child’s participation in Religious Instruction.”

Media Release: “Very Minor Changes” to Controversial ‘Connect’ Program

Publishers of the controversial ‘Connect’ Religious Instruction materials have indicated that few changes will be made to the program.

A 2016 review by the Queensland Education Department found the ‘Connect’ materials contained age-inappropriate references to violence, animal sacrifice and child grooming.

Christian Education Publishing produce the ‘Connect’ materials that are used widely during ‘Religious Instruction’ classes at Queensland Government State Schools.

Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools spokesperson, Alison Courtice, said CEP had indicated that any changes in response to the review would be only “very minor.”

‘Connect’ made headlines last year when it was revealed it contained activities such as having children reenact a beheading and having volunteer instructors show children that bleach could ‘wash away’ sin.

CEP were still selling some superseded materials for use in 2017 in December last year.

It is not clear whether the Education Department will vet the materials or ensure CEP comply with the review’s findings.

CEP have indicated they would publish the changes on their website but have not yet done so.

Media statement re the Review of RI Connect Materials


The Review of the Connect Religious Instruction materials holds RI providers to account for the content and appropriateness of their programs. For too long what goes on in RI classes has flown under the radar of parents and the Department.

We welcome the recommendations, particularly the need for principals to be vigilant about appropriate permission being in place for RI attendance and the strengthening of informed parental consent. Continue reading

Report into Review of ‘Connect’

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.14.11 PMWhile we are still digesting the content of the review and its implications, we are grateful to the Minister for Education, Kate Jones, for initiating this important review and to those who conducted the work. There is much to address and we still await the concrete policy responses to the recommendations.